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企业博客的前景展望 2010年01月06日


How to Upgrade Your Company's Credit and Collections Prowess 2005年11月09日

Your organization can take advantage of the latest credit and collections tools to evaluate risk, assess opportunities, and determine how decisions impact the bottom line.

Hottest of the Hot Careers 2002年09月01日

Seven executives and entrepreneurs reveal what it ta.kes to manage well in hot industries.

Grasp the Financial Impact of CRM 2004年05月26日

To get the most out of a customer relationship management system, your financial systems need to adapt. That requires changing from product-based to customer-based financial repor...

How to Make True Collaboration Happen 2005年10月19日

In a project environment, team members often rely on - or are limited to - certain forms of communication. Here's how to determine whether other options would probably be more app...

Develop the Best Sourcing Blueprint 2004年06月18日

The use of external sources for help with innovation is becoming more and more prevalent. Rather than take a transactional approach, your company is better off developing a sourci...

How to Improve Operational Performance 2004年12月16日

A new practice called “operational performance management”helps organizations go beyond merely managing financial performance,and ensure that they create value in their operati...

How to Optimize Decisions for the Best Possible Outcomes 2003年05月08日

Today, companies are hard-pressed to achieve operational excellence in record time. Rediscovering a tool like operations research can help address this challenge.

Best Practices in Budgeting That Could Help Your Company 2004年01月13日

Organizations want to gain better insight into performance, improve their budgets' accuracy, and align business units with corporate goals. Here are best practices that can help e...

How to Make Your Forecasts More Accurate 2003年09月05日

Stop missing sales and earnings estimates by putting a unified forecasting process in place. Based on industry best practices, the process puts the focus back on optimizing profit...

How to Find-and Take Advantage of-Your Profitable Customers 2004年08月09日

To vastly impact your bottom line, gather the necessary information to determine your profitable customers, make business decisions based on that information,and then learn to wor...

The Ten Steps of Crisis Communications 2003年11月25日

All companies are vulnerable to crises that could disrupt their marketing programs. Minimizing the impact of crises on both internal and external audiences requires a communicatio...

To Successfully Manage Change, Disrupt the System 2005年04月01日

Successful organizational change is a process of ongoing adjustment at all levels of the organization. And it requires leaders whose primary role is to establish context, provide ...

Use ABM Data for Making Better Decisions 2005年05月11日

Activity-based management, integrated with business process management, ensures informed decision-making as well as accelerated profit and productivity improvement.

A Blueprint for Challenging Global Giants 2003年07月09日

The transformation of Wipro Ltd. from a once-lowly enterprise into a formidable global player provides key lessons for Asian companies competing against global giants.

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