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Seven Ways to Get More from ERP 2006年01月12日

There are at least seven management and technical imperatives that can ha ve a substantial impact on the value realized from enterprise resource planning (ERP) investments - not j...

How to Successfully Implement ERP the First Time 2004年12月16日

When enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations fail to deliver, it's usually because management hasn't taken the time to structure the organization to take advantage of t...

Change Is in the Air 2003年01月01日

For years, Asia’s executives have seen their salaries continue to soar. For many, that period is ending.

Grasp the Financial Impact of CRM 2004年05月26日

To get the most out of a customer relationship management system, your financial systems need to adapt. That requires changing from product-based to customer-based financial repor...

Profiting from Brainpower 2002年12月01日

“Intellectual capital”is more than a hot, fuzzy concept. Leveraged skillfully, it can be any company’s preeminent competitive weapon.

How Accurate Is Your Product Information? 2005年10月19日

Many companies are finding that many systems fall short when it comes to managing product information. Fortunately, there is a distinct category of software that aspires to one go...

Winning the Race to Enterprise Agility 2005年04月08日

Organizations that are truly focused on transforming themselves into agile enterprises need a solid tool like business blueprinting. Business blueprinting enables rapid assembly o...

The Crisis Hits Home 2002年08月01日

Data in the Tables Provided by Corporate Resources Group TITLE:The Crisis Hits Home DES:Executive salaries around the region drop drastically for the first time in years. And the ...

Creating You Co. 2002年01月01日

You are the company. You are the product. The world is at your feet. But first, your business plan...

Mobilize Your Company’s Collective Smarts 2003年08月04日

A company may be filled with geniuses, but if it can’t harness its “organizational intelligence”(OI), it will likely veer toward incapacity. Here’s a framework for maximizing ...

How to Make Your Forecasts More Accurate 2003年09月05日

Stop missing sales and earnings estimates by putting a unified forecasting process in place. Based on industry best practices, the process puts the focus back on optimizing profit...

Empowering Performance through Inspirational Communication 2005年06月15日

One of the secrets to inspiring employees to perform is to communicate the purpose and enjoyment of daily work. This requires managers to think carefully about the motivational im...

How to Improve Operational Performance 2004年12月16日

A new practice called “operational performance management”helps organizations go beyond merely managing financial performance,and ensure that they create value in their operati...

The Rise of Portable Executives 2002年08月01日

They are the new managerial elite. Armed with world-class skills, they are crossing industries and borders. And they are becoming the first recipients of “global salaries.”

Ten Building Blocks That Enhance Profits 2003年06月11日

Oftentimes companies get so thrown off by long decisions that they lose sight of what’s fundamentally important in business: a consistently healthy bottom line. Implementing a se...

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