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The Crisis Hits Home 2002年08月01日

Data in the Tables Provided by Corporate Resources Group TITLE:The Crisis Hits Home DES:Executive salaries around the region drop drastically for the first time in years. And the ...

Grasp the Financial Impact of CRM 2004年05月26日

To get the most out of a customer relationship management system, your financial systems need to adapt. That requires changing from product-based to customer-based financial repor...

The Rise of Portable Executives 2002年08月01日

They are the new managerial elite. Armed with world-class skills, they are crossing industries and borders. And they are becoming the first recipients of “global salaries.”

The Ten Steps of Crisis Communications 2003年11月25日

All companies are vulnerable to crises that could disrupt their marketing programs. Minimizing the impact of crises on both internal and external audiences requires a communicatio...

CRM实施高失败率分析 2007年10月17日


Be Smarter in Screening the Executives You Hire 2003年12月15日

Companies check the background of rank-and-file employees, but often miss doing so on more important, and potentially dangerous, recruits: high-level executives. You can minimize ...

How to Upgrade Your Company's Credit and Collections Prowess 2005年11月09日

Your organization can take advantage of the latest credit and collections tools to evaluate risk, assess opportunities, and determine how decisions impact the bottom line.

Hiring for Strategic Fit 2002年08月01日

Microsoft recruits people for the organization, not for a position. If you aim to lead your industry, so should you.

Perks Are Down, Cash Is King 2002年05月01日

The regional crisis has forced companies and employees alike to change their concept of benefits. Perks are out. Incentives are in. And pay them out in cash, please.

Create the Conditions that Generate the Best Ideas 2003年04月01日

Creativity, by itself, is not enough. There must be mechanisms within the company for setting in motion the dynamics needed to spark off winning ideas.

一夜暴富的即视感 CRO行业为什么这么红? 2018年05月28日


Change Is in the Air 2003年01月01日

For years, Asia’s executives have seen their salaries continue to soar. For many, that period is ending.

Create the Conditions for Successful Teamworking 2003年12月22日

Setting the stage for great team performance is not merely a one-time activity that is best left to the discretion of one leader. Rather, it is a process governed by three key pri...

CRM客户关系管理 2006年11月08日

CRM (Customer Relationship Management,客户关系管理),其核心思想是以"客户为中心",提高客户满意度,改善客户关系,从而提高企业的竞争力。

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