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What It Ta.kes to Operate A Successful Business in China 2008年06月05日

The most important qualities for a successful businessman are IQ, EQ, daring, and kindness, which means devotion to the course of the business.

Franck Muller:对复杂功能上瘾 2007年07月30日

Franck Muller是深受时尚经理人及明星追捧的顶级腕表品牌,也可谓全世界最复杂的腕表之一。

以色列Mul-T-Lock公司欲增加从中国的进口 2003年03月25日


Telling Time: Rules for Structuring Customers' Need Statements 2008年07月18日

Customer input is always interesting -- but to make it useful, you need to standardize its structure and analyze its content.

Cultivate the Right Behavior for Your Corporate Culture 2003年12月08日

Corporate cultures are a potent force in every executive’s career. Understanding the one you’re in-and knowing how best to operate in it-can spell the difference between success...

Is Your Firm Truly Ready to Launch Six Sigma? 2005年10月14日

A successful Six Sigma implementation depends on a company's culture, and the commitment and conviction of its leadership. Identifying a few simple factors can help determine whet...

Survival Skills for Working with Difficult People 2004年11月10日

A series of recipes for coming up with a better way of dealing with working relationships in particularly difficult situations

Why Everyone in the Company Can - and Should - Be a Leader 2004年10月15日

Regardless of whether people are on the top, middle,or front line, they should explore ways to exercise their leadership potential to the fullest.

Changing a Corporate Culture Towards a Customer-Driven One 2005年01月13日

Here's a list of 12 best practices to consider in building - or changing - your corporate culture toward one that is more customer-oriented.

Nurture the Key Cultural Factors that Contribute to the Bottom Line 2005年03月09日

Your company's culture may act either as a strong supporting factor or a hindrance in determining whether it can achieve its financial goals. Here are ways to ascertain that.

What Globalization Really Means to a Particular Business 2005年12月16日

Executives who launch a global strategic initiative should always remember a principal premise: What globalization specifically means in any one business is unique.

How to Prevent Culture Clashes After a Merger or Acquisition 2004年01月09日

The keys to success in post-M&A organizations lie in how well a company’s leaders avoid cultural clashes by finding the balance between integration and independence.

To Successfully Manage Change, Disrupt the System 2005年04月01日

Successful organizational change is a process of ongoing adjustment at all levels of the organization. And it requires leaders whose primary role is to establish context, provide ...

Designing a Unique Culture 2002年07月01日

Faced with major operational problems, Motorola Korea had several options, but it chose the only viable alternative: change the management culture.

Why You Should Control Even the Smallest Detail of the Sales Process 2004年06月18日

Overhauling every element of the sales organization to become the dominant force in the industry is a daunting but achievable task. One winning sales organization shows how this c...

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