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Master the Art of Making a Powerful Presentation 2004年06月21日

When it comes to presentations, no amount of preparation time may be enough. One thing is certain though: Honing your core message at the outset of presentation development will g...

A Leader Is Only As Good As His Presentation Skills 2003年09月05日

The pressure to make strong and flawless presentations is greater for managers in leadership positions who are always under constant scrutiny. Here’s how to consistently stay on ...

How to Successfully Implement ERP the First Time 2004年12月16日

When enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations fail to deliver, it's usually because management hasn't taken the time to structure the organization to take advantage of t...

A growth strategy for a Chinese state-owned enterprise: An interview with ChemChina’s president 2008年07月21日

In an interview, Ren Jianxin, ChemChina’s president and the former president of BlueStar, discusses the expectations of the private-equity firm Blackstone, which invested $600 mi...

Telling Time: Rules for Structuring Customers' Need Statements 2008年07月18日

Customer input is always interesting -- but to make it useful, you need to standardize its structure and analyze its content.

Reinventing Business Operations 2005年11月11日

True supply chain excellence will only come from making a digital business transformation. It's a transformation that exploits all that technology has to offer, facilitates supply...

全球最值得尊敬的企业 2008年06月19日

如果说精明的企业和受欢迎之间有什幺明显的联系的话,那幺丰田 (Toyota) 就是这个春季这方面的舞台女王。在总部位于纽约市未公开上市的研究咨询机构 Reputation Institute(声誉研究所)的最...

International Presentations: How Not to Sound Like A Fool 2005年12月15日

Whether sharing knowledge, pitching a strategy, or selling breakthrough products, leaders must increasingly craft their presentations to appeal to international audiences. Find ou...

Seven Ways to Get More from ERP 2006年01月12日

There are at least seven management and technical imperatives that can ha ve a substantial impact on the value realized from enterprise resource planning (ERP) investments - not j...

How to Really Get Close to Your Customers 2005年07月12日

After adapting information technology to develop ever more sophisticated quantitative research methods, marketers are taking a second look at more human, qualitative approaches to...

Before Making an Offer, Negotiate What a Position Pays 2003年06月11日

A big part of hiring success rests on your ability to ascertain the worth of the position to the company. Know what that is and then find someone whose expectations are aligned wi...

Get the CIO on the Executive Leadership Team 2004年03月17日

Chief information officers deserve a seat at the executive table because of their pivotal role in I.T. strategy development and implementation. Here are ways to fully harness that...

Why Your Company Needs to Become Socially Responsible 2005年01月13日

Corporate social responsibility is becoming an ever more important management agenda. By working hard to integrate social initiatives into business strategy,organizations can grea...

Is Your Firm Truly Ready to Launch Six Sigma? 2005年10月14日

A successful Six Sigma implementation depends on a company's culture, and the commitment and conviction of its leadership. Identifying a few simple factors can help determine whet...

A Bigger Apple 2002年08月01日

Asians are silently assuming greater importance in New York business. Can the rest of America be far behind?

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