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How to Cut Compensation Costs and Keep Your Best People 2003年11月25日

At some point, all businesses will face a crisis that requires downsizing. To ensure that you can cut costs while retaining critical talent, follow the “headcount solution.”

How to Make Your Forecasts More Accurate 2003年09月05日

Stop missing sales and earnings estimates by putting a unified forecasting process in place. Based on industry best practices, the process puts the focus back on optimizing profit...

Produce More Accurate Cash Forecasts 2005年12月16日

How can you forecast your cash flow better? Here are new tools and approaches to help you with that crucial task and make more precise projections.

To Enable Reliable Forecasts, Use a Contingent Road Map 2003年08月04日

Using a tool called a contingent road map helps companies to improve the odds of success in today’s dynamic climate.

Globalising the brand: Looking beyond lower costs 2008年05月28日


一票游瑞士 2006年08月10日


Permanent Cost Control 2002年11月01日

Close to half of Asia’s companies are fighting to survive by cutting costs. The winners will be those that don’t build in those costs in the first place.

Get the Most Out of Outsourcing 2004年05月28日

Outsourcing has taken the business world by storm. But how do you manage the costs, risks, strategy, organizational structure, and people relationships to enable you to realize th...

Increase the Top Line by Reinforcing Service Strategies 2004年06月18日

While staying lean may be necessary, where and how your company trims costs can make a significant difference in your customer service operations. Take a cue from the following be...

Do You Really Know Where the Money Goes? 2004年11月11日

The emerging practice of “ spend management” is giving companies a clearer view of expenditures - and greater ability to cut costs, manage suppliers, and reduce risk.

How to Win the Business-to-Business Game 2005年10月19日

The strategic application of B2B technologies can greatly reduce cost and enhance competitiveness. It essentially consists of several principles.

Nine Questions that Can Help Customers Meet Their Goals 2006年01月12日

Marketing should focus on customers' goals, not on specific products. Hurdling these nine tests ensures that your marketing process is effective from customer targeting all the wa...

Don‘t Let Vital Knowledge Leave with Departing Employees 2004年09月14日

When employees quit, retire, or are laid off, they inevitably bring with them critical know-how. Avoid the unnecessary costs of knowledge loss by using a number of proactive stra...

Six Steps to Creating a Six Sigma Culture 2003年11月25日

The Six Sigma approach can dramatically cut costs, improve efficiency, and maximize customer satisfaction in all operations. Here’s how to systematically build Six Sigma into you...

Five Great Ways to Lose Customer Loyalty - Even Before You Gain It 2005年10月13日

Editor's Introduction: Many companies are already familiar with the fact that acquiring a new customer costs up to seven times more than retaining existing ones. That's why progra...

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