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Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction 2004年10月15日

Are your customers satisfied? Why not ask them? Or better yet,come up with a complete customer measurement system. That will enable you to put your people and your resources where...

善用销售自动化系统 2009年07月09日

公司销售队伍中不同层级的人员对同样的 SFA(sales force automation)系统有不同的要求。认识其中的差异,然后为不同的用户 —从 CEO到一线销售员 —提供有效的自动化方案,是企业成功实现销...

Six Steps to Creating a Six Sigma Culture 2003年11月25日

The Six Sigma approach can dramatically cut costs, improve efficiency, and maximize customer satisfaction in all operations. Here’s how to systematically build Six Sigma into you...

The Cold Hamburger Test 2002年07月01日

How Hong Kong’s Johnson Electric focuses on speed to market without sacrificing customer satisfaction

How to Link Employee Goals to Corporate Goals 2004年10月15日

People talk about aligning corporate,departmental, and employee goals, but not many actually do it. There are companies, however, which have concrete methods to manage and measure...

Changing a Corporate Culture Towards a Customer-Driven One 2005年01月13日

Here's a list of 12 best practices to consider in building - or changing - your corporate culture toward one that is more customer-oriented.

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You Can‘t Get Any Closer Than This to Your Customers 2004年08月09日

If getting close to customers is beneficial,then there's nothing better than getting intimate with them. That's why “customer intimacy” is a fast-spreading practice.

销售薪酬管理三大工具 2007年10月19日


Creating Team Agreement for Results 2004年12月20日

Agreement is the primary building block for all kinds of collaborations. Creating agreement entails mastering ten essential teambuilding elements.

How to Determine if You Got the Employee You Wanted 2004年06月18日

Judging quality in new employees is far more than just a gut feeling - it is a process that begins before employees are even hired. Here's how two companies turn softer measuremen...

Turn Service Into a Growth Engine 2003年11月07日

There is substantial shareholder value hidden in servicing products after they are sold. In fact, over time, service may actually contribute more to earnings than sales do. Here’...

Why It Pays to Openly Discuss Salaries 2003年08月04日

Openly discussing how pay systems work and how various jobs fit into them can bring a number of benefits.

Is Employee Loyalty Dead? 2002年08月01日

In Asia, where employee turnover is escalating, the answer seems to be “yes.” Leading companies, however, prove that loyalty isn’t dead, but it needs to be redefined.

质量管理改善无极限 2001年01月01日


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