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Prevent Employees from Contributing to I.T. Security Woes 2005年09月09日

Your I.T. may be secure against external threats. But how secure is it against internal threats?

Find A Better Way to Prioritize I.T. Investments 2004年06月21日

When it comes to technology, it's not how much your company spends; it's the way it manages I.T. spending that counts. Here's how to achieve value-creating spending that makes a g...

How to Communicate Bad News 2005年10月19日

Communicating bad news, when done properly, can increase trust, ultimately leading to heightened employee commitment. Your bad-news communication plan shouldn't be different from ...

Changing a Corporate Culture Towards a Customer-Driven One 2005年01月13日

Here's a list of 12 best practices to consider in building - or changing - your corporate culture toward one that is more customer-oriented.

Five Steps for Making Your I.T. Dollars Go Farther 2004年08月09日

To boost the performance and value of technology” learn to implement the "internal I.T. market economy“ strategy. Here is a five-step process for making that possible.

Three Steps to Creating an Agile I.T. Function 2003年06月11日

As competition intensifies, companies need their I.T. functions to be agile: responsive and cost-effective at the same time. Here are three steps to guide you in making your techn...

How I.T. Can Ensure the Success of A Merger 2003年10月13日

Throughout the merger or acquisition process, challenges arise across all areas of the company, many of which depend on information technology. Here’s how to maximize the role of...

Get the CIO on the Executive Leadership Team 2004年03月17日

Chief information officers deserve a seat at the executive table because of their pivotal role in I.T. strategy development and implementation. Here are ways to fully harness that...

Survival Skills for Working with Difficult People 2004年11月10日

A series of recipes for coming up with a better way of dealing with working relationships in particularly difficult situations

How to Successfully Implement ERP the First Time 2004年12月16日

When enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations fail to deliver, it's usually because management hasn't taken the time to structure the organization to take advantage of t...

How to Prevent Culture Clashes After a Merger or Acquisition 2004年01月09日

The keys to success in post-M&A organizations lie in how well a company’s leaders avoid cultural clashes by finding the balance between integration and independence.

Rediscover the Art of One-on-One Management 2004年06月21日

Staff meetings usually take time and affect productivity. To create a strong sense of personal direction and time efficiency, consider addressing employees regularly on an individ...

Nurture the Key Cultural Factors that Contribute to the Bottom Line 2005年03月09日

Your company's culture may act either as a strong supporting factor or a hindrance in determining whether it can achieve its financial goals. Here are ways to ascertain that.

How to Obtain End-User Buy-In to Critical I.T. Projects 2005年05月12日

Obtaining end-user “buy-into” critical I.T. project rollouts can be the difference between success and failure. The secret lies in involving employees in an I.T. project's desig...

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