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特许经营:去亚太地区寻觅机会 2007年05月09日

With the fastest-growing economies in the world, the Asia Pacific is a region no international franchise company can afford to ignore for long.

Asia’s Next Wealth Club 2002年02月01日

Asia is home to a hundred billionaires; whose route to riches follows a consistent pattern. But the next millennium casts skepticism on the viability of their approach.

Global Firm, Asian Boss 2002年12月01日

For enlightened multinationals, Asian managers are making globalization a reality.

Is Employee Loyalty Dead? 2002年08月01日

In Asia, where employee turnover is escalating, the answer seems to be “yes.” Leading companies, however, prove that loyalty isn’t dead, but it needs to be redefined.

“A Part of Me” 2003年02月01日

What’s it like being head of one of the leading advertising agencies in Asia? Kamthorn Kamol-varinthip talked to Academic Editor Dr. Stephanie Jones about his job as chairman of ...

Asian Brands Take on the World 2002年07月01日

As traditional marketing paths come to a dead end, the region's marketers take the global route. Their vehicle: an idea that has been thought to be obsolete.

A Bigger Apple 2002年08月01日

Asians are silently assuming greater importance in New York business. Can the rest of America be far behind?

Best Practices: Asia vs. the World 2002年11月01日

High-performance work practices are finding increasing acceptance around the world. In many of them; Asia’s companies lag behind.

The Coming Retail War In Asia 2002年09月01日

Global retailers, armed with new management systems, will intensify the battle for Asia’s consumers. The implications for everyone are far-reaching.

What Globalization Really Means to a Particular Business 2005年12月16日

Executives who launch a global strategic initiative should always remember a principal premise: What globalization specifically means in any one business is unique.

Managing Risk in China 2002年07月01日

China’s explosive political; economic; and social forces could propel it toward some unexpected future. These five scenarios can help you manage risk in the world’s second-large...

Dominate Your Niche 2002年08月01日

How Asia's entrepreneurs are reshaping global business .

The Limits of Management Education 2002年11月01日

As the economic crisis brings job and salary cuts across the region, more managers are looking to upgrade their skills at business schools. That demand carries a big responsibilit...

Increase Your Employees' Strategic wareness 2005年09月09日

Some of the world's best smaller companies illustrate the best practices in strategies for turning smaller companies into market leaders.

Location Is Not Everything 2002年06月01日

Multinational companies have stepped up the pace of relocating to different parts of Asia. They are discovering that it’s more of a management exercise than a mere business dec...

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