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Align Strategy with Performance 2005年06月12日

Nine out of ten companies fail to execute their strategy. To improve your company's chances, you need to drive the behavior of individual employees with your performance managemen...

Determine which Customers Are Worth Keeping - and Which Ones Are Not 2004年05月12日

Using data-intensive procedures allows you to do two things: Identify top customers in terms of their likely future purchasing patterns, and reach out to them through cross-sellin...

When to Relate, When to Require-and How to Do Both Effectively 2003年08月04日

To be a good manager today, you need the versatility to relate to people and to require that they produce results. Here’s how to switch between relating and requiring, or even us...

How Great Decisions Are Made 2004年09月15日

A practical 10-step process for reaching true agreement and gaining genuine commitment

Encourage Employees to Ditch Turf Wars 2005年09月09日

When individuals within a company worry more about defending their turf than moving the organization forward, their actions can harm the business. Here's how to combat the problem.

How to Involve Employees in the Performance Review Process 2004年05月18日

The sole purpose of assessment is to improve performance. There's no better way to achieve this than allowing everyone in the organization to select assessment criteria, define th...

How to Give New Employees a Productive-and Memorable-Start 2004年05月26日

If there's been unusually high turnover in your company's ranks, take a look at each employee's first week on the job. Often, making snap judgments or unfounded generalizations du...

Use the Lean System to Eliminate Four Types of Waste 2005年09月09日

By adopting a philosophy of defining all value from the perspective of customers, companies can eliminate waste at every stage of the operating process.

Rediscover the Art of One-on-One Management 2004年06月21日

Staff meetings usually take time and affect productivity. To create a strong sense of personal direction and time efficiency, consider addressing employees regularly on an individ...

The Long-Distance Runner 2003年02月01日

In an industry populated by 'sprinters' AST has endured by being a 'marathoner.'

How to Convince People to Give You What You Want - on Your Own Terms 2004年11月10日

To be a successful negotiator,give people a reason to believe that working with them will be smooth, friendly, and profitable. Here are the principles of strategic negotiation tha...

Why You Should Control Even the Smallest Detail of the Sales Process 2004年06月18日

Overhauling every element of the sales organization to become the dominant force in the industry is a daunting but achievable task. One winning sales organization shows how this c...

How to Generate True, Lasting Value 2003年09月05日

The pursuit of value in its many forms is key to the success-and longevity-of any business. Four companies illustrate how they create lasting profitability by focusing on values, ...

How Deloitte Builds Global Expertise 2003年05月08日

HR at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu revamped an international career development program, added assessment tools, and then marketed the program to candidates and executives.

How Authentic Leaders Can Build a Great Company 2005年05月11日

Great companies can be built by truly authentic leaders. Here's how to use the principles of “authenticity” to create enduring growth for your company.

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