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Ready to Launch Your Start-Up? Answer these Essential Questions 2008年08月08日

Entrepreneurs must ask themselves a series of essential questions to determine whether value exists in their business ideas.

Find Out Quickly What‘s Working and What’s Not 2004年07月13日

Organizational change initiatives are almost always partially successful - some parts of them work and other parts do not. The “Success Case Method” offers a quick and easy appr...

陷入战略失误泥潭的GoPro,能否咸鱼翻身? 2018年01月03日


Match Your Business to Its Market Environment 2003年05月09日

Today’s businesses operate in one of four distinct environments, each requiring its own set of behaviors. Strategies become meaningful when a company creates the appropriate stru...

To Successfully Manage Change, Disrupt the System 2005年04月01日

Successful organizational change is a process of ongoing adjustment at all levels of the organization. And it requires leaders whose primary role is to establish context, provide ...

Best Practices: Asia vs. the World 2002年11月01日

High-performance work practices are finding increasing acceptance around the world. In many of them; Asia’s companies lag behind.

Management Theory, Chinese Practice 2002年08月01日

Even as the whole world obsesses about the “secrets of Chinese management”, top Chinese entrepreneurs are practicing a universal, timeless management approach.

Use ABM Data for Making Better Decisions 2005年05月11日

Activity-based management, integrated with business process management, ensures informed decision-making as well as accelerated profit and productivity improvement.

Ensure Your Projects Bring the Payback You Expect 2004年12月15日

A project's value is driven by many factors,and many of them cannot be measured,or even imagined, by return on investment (ROI) alone. Project valuations should take into account ...

How to Solve Ten of the Toughest People Problems 2005年09月09日

At many organizations, employees and colleagues act in ways that do not contribute to teamwork, collaboration, and productivity. There are savvy strategies for addressing such a d...

Avoid Falling Victim to Hard-Bargaining Customers 2005年01月13日

Even when faced with powerful customers who pressure them on price, industrial suppliers can still profit by aligning with organizations that value joint initiatives over short-te...

Building Frameworks for Six Sigma Success 2004年10月19日

Trendy quality initiatives often fade before they can turn a profit. Six Sigma is different - and effective - especially for companies that have carefully trained their employees ...

Turn Service Into a Growth Engine 2003年11月07日

There is substantial shareholder value hidden in servicing products after they are sold. In fact, over time, service may actually contribute more to earnings than sales do. Here’...

Creating You Co. 2002年01月01日

You are the company. You are the product. The world is at your feet. But first, your business plan...

When Sales are Soft, Shift Marketing into High Gear 2003年11月28日

Certain marketing strategies work best during an economic downturn, and these strategies do not just produce measurable results. More important, they also ensure a steady stream o...

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