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双模动力变换自如,宝马Hydrogen 7 2008年08月18日

Hydrogen 7是同级车中首款采用氢燃料电池和汽油引擎的双模动力车款。

The Rise of Portable Executives 2002年08月01日

They are the new managerial elite. Armed with world-class skills, they are crossing industries and borders. And they are becoming the first recipients of “global salaries.”

Change Is in the Air 2003年01月01日

For years, Asia’s executives have seen their salaries continue to soar. For many, that period is ending.

Achieving Mastery in Key Business Functions 2006年02月15日

Given the level of financial resources and attention required to achieve mastery, high-performance businesses need to be selective and channel their resources to the places where ...

Best Practices in Budgeting That Could Help Your Company 2004年01月13日

Organizations want to gain better insight into performance, improve their budgets' accuracy, and align business units with corporate goals. Here are best practices that can help e...

Edge Out the Competition by Creating a Winning Product Portfolio 2004年09月14日

Companies that get the most from their R&D resources excel at portfolio management. And a winning product development portfolio leverages every dollar invested and drives forward ...

To Successfully Manage Change, Disrupt the System 2005年04月01日

Successful organizational change is a process of ongoing adjustment at all levels of the organization. And it requires leaders whose primary role is to establish context, provide ...

What the Best Sales Managers Do 2004年11月12日

Truly savvy sales managers do more than just pull in the numbers. The best - and most successful - ones engage in a number of activities that challenge the hearts and minds of the...

Professor Steven Kaplan Urges Class of 2008 to Be Persistent, Efficient, and Proactive 2008年06月24日

Professor Steven Kaplan shared the results of his research on successful CEOs with members of the Class of 2008 at spring convocation June 15 in Hyde Park. "If you are persistent,...

Success for the New Global Manager 2004年05月12日

How effective is a manager in working across distances, countries, and cultures? And how effective is an organization in developing such a manager? The answers can be found in fou...

To Create Meaningful Change, Change People’s Behavior 2004年01月09日

Business strategy, organizational structure, and systems play a role in any change management initiative. But they’re all secondary to the single most important ingredient: chang...

To Maximize Your ROI from Change, Tap Your Own People 2006年03月22日

In many organizations, internal change resources are under-trained, under-supported, or under-utilized. There are specific leadership strategies for correcting this shortcoming.

Na vigate the Chaos of Large-Scale Change 2005年11月11日

Piloting major organizational change can be a huge - and even nightmarish - underta king. A multi-dimensional approach to change that illustrates the importance of seeing the “bi...

How to Painlessly Lead Large-scale Change 2003年11月25日

Managing large-scale change calls for leadership skills of the highest order. At the same time, it requires precision in calculating the important factors that influence the succe...

Grasp the Financial Impact of CRM 2004年05月26日

To get the most out of a customer relationship management system, your financial systems need to adapt. That requires changing from product-based to customer-based financial repor...

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