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How to Prevent Culture Clashes After a Merger or Acquisition 2004年01月09日

The keys to success in post-M&A organizations lie in how well a company’s leaders avoid cultural clashes by finding the balance between integration and independence.

Designing a Unique Culture 2002年07月01日

Faced with major operational problems, Motorola Korea had several options, but it chose the only viable alternative: change the management culture.

What It Ta.kes to Operate A Successful Business in China 2008年06月05日

The most important qualities for a successful businessman are IQ, EQ, daring, and kindness, which means devotion to the course of the business.

Unlocking the Secret of Unlimited Growth 2004年05月09日

Today, companies are expected to grow continually and with the flexibility to adapt to changes. The challenge ultimately comes down to how well a company implements the idea of '...

Create the Conditions for Successful Teamworking 2003年12月22日

Setting the stage for great team performance is not merely a one-time activity that is best left to the discretion of one leader. Rather, it is a process governed by three key pri...

Global Firm, Asian Boss 2002年12月01日

For enlightened multinationals, Asian managers are making globalization a reality.

Saving Lives—and Time 2002年07月01日

How a Thai private hospital redefines “full service”

Changing a Corporate Culture Towards a Customer-Driven One 2005年01月13日

Here's a list of 12 best practices to consider in building - or changing - your corporate culture toward one that is more customer-oriented.

Live the Lifestyle of Success 2005年11月18日

Nearly every executive dreams about someday retiring and living the so-called “good life.”But only a few seem to make it because they know the importance of cultivating three es...

Why Smart Executives Fail 2004年09月15日

The personal qualities of leaders who preside over major business failures can be summarized as the Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful People. Here's how to recognize them...

What It Takes to Send Achievement Levels Soaring 2003年09月05日

Don’t define sales success exclusively in financial terms. By doing so, your salespeople lose sight of the more essential dimensions that comprise a successful sales career.

Weapons in the War for Talents 2005年07月12日

There's no escaping this battle: the competition for key people. Here are practices to benchmark that could help you win this war and retain your key talents.

Franck Muller:对复杂功能上瘾 2007年07月30日

Franck Muller是深受时尚经理人及明星追捧的顶级腕表品牌,也可谓全世界最复杂的腕表之一。

Cultivate the Right Behavior for Your Corporate Culture 2003年12月08日

Corporate cultures are a potent force in every executive’s career. Understanding the one you’re in-and knowing how best to operate in it-can spell the difference between success...

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