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Professor Steven Kaplan Urges Class of 2008 to Be Persistent, Efficient, and Proactive 2008年06月24日

Professor Steven Kaplan shared the results of his research on successful CEOs with members of the Class of 2008 at spring convocation June 15 in Hyde Park. "If you are persistent,...

Lessons from the Entrepreneurial Masters 2004年04月13日

Whether you're starting a business or growing a company, the four fundamentals followed by the world's great entrepreneurs will keep you focused on the essentials.

Prepare for the Unthinkable by Grooming Successors Now 2004年05月12日

When leaders hesitate to cooperate in succession planning, the results can be disastrous: loss of momentum, low morale, and erosion of productivity. Here's how to prepare the lead...

Leadership Lessons from West Point 2008年12月02日


Lessons from a Market Leader 2002年10月01日

China is the market of tomorrow, says Volkswagen Asia’s chairman. But it’s what you do today that counts.

“Actions spea.k louder than words” 2002年11月01日

Khoo talked about his 29-year career at Esso, which is part of the U.S.-based multinatinational Exxon.

SAP发布完整直观的SaaS 商业智能解决方案 2010年05月27日

为了满足不同规模企业对于易用的SaaS(软件即服务)商业智能(BI)工具日益增长的需求,SAP公司(NYSE:SAP)日前宣布正式推出SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand解决方案。

How Do You Deal with Fraud? 2004年10月15日

Virtually every executive with years of experience has tales to tell about pressure to compromise ethics. Their lessons will help peers muster the courage - if and when it is need...

From Napoleon to Google, how “flashes of insight” work 2008年06月16日

Most innovative ideas come during “flashes of insight”. “Things literally come together in your mind,” Duggan, associate professor of management at Columbia Business School, s...

How Effective Are Your Intranets? 2005年04月08日

Simply asking what your organization is trying to attain by building an intranet can help avoid a lot of disappointment later. Four companies learned this lesson and, in the proce...

Looking to Reinforce Your Brand? Rely on Markets Overseas 2004年02月17日

Keeping a brand alive and well for many, many years demands imaginative marketing strategies that transcend cultures. One successful global brand offers instructive lessons.

A Blueprint for Challenging Global Giants 2003年07月09日

The transformation of Wipro Ltd. from a once-lowly enterprise into a formidable global player provides key lessons for Asian companies competing against global giants.

名师亲自上阵 2007年09月07日

球场上有名师相伴并现场指导,高尔夫课程中称之为PLAYING LESSON(球场教学)。

Q&A: The Need for Vigilance 2008年07月23日

Professor Paul J.H. Schoemaker took the time to speak to us about the need for leaders to be vigilant.

Why a Good Idea Is Not Enough to Start a Business 2008年08月12日

Only 1 percent of the ultimate value of a business resides in the idea, according to Wa.verly Deutsch, clinical professor of entrepreneurship. “If ideas are a dime a dozen, yours...

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