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Recognize the Eight Paradoxes that Hurt Employee Motivation 2006年04月24日

Strong leaders know that motivation comes from within an employee, and the way to stoke the fire is through attention and appreciation. A key first step toward achieving that is t...

Turn Employee Talk From Negative to Positive 2003年08月04日

Negative talk between employees damages motivation and contaminates workplace attitude. Following are simple devices to transform negative talk into a positive, productive one.

How Effective Is Your Company’s Reward Program? 2004年10月15日

The reward program that your company believed would enhance motivation could do just the opposite and,worse, generate ill will. Here‘s what you can do to ensure that your efforts...

Empowering Performance through Inspirational Communication 2005年06月15日

One of the secrets to inspiring employees to perform is to communicate the purpose and enjoyment of daily work. This requires managers to think carefully about the motivational im...

Adopt a Flexible Approach to Reward 2006年04月24日

By tailoring reward packages to individuals, companies are aiming both to unlock higher levels of motivation and performance from their employees and to attract and retain the bes...

Nine Questions that Can Help Customers Meet Their Goals 2006年01月12日

Marketing should focus on customers' goals, not on specific products. Hurdling these nine tests ensures that your marketing process is effective from customer targeting all the wa...

Recognize and Reward Effort, not Just Results 2003年07月09日

Companies and their managers often reward employees for the results they achieve. Which is good-except that it misses out on the other half of employee performance - their effort.

Give Employees Opportunities, Not Just Responsibilities 2003年09月05日

Watch out for employees who have slipped into a dull routine. They need meaningful challenges that will ignite their enthusiasm and more important, stretch their level of performa...

At What Level Is Your Skill at Giving Feedback? 2004年08月09日

Are you making sure that you balance positive and negative feedback? Good, but that's just the first level of feedback,and there are two more.

Mastering the Fundamentals of Exhibiting Overseas 2004年07月13日

International trade shows offer countless opportunities for multilateral contacts and business deals. To make the most out of these events, you need to address several issues,even...

Success for the New Global Manager 2004年05月12日

How effective is a manager in working across distances, countries, and cultures? And how effective is an organization in developing such a manager? The answers can be found in fou...

变革影响力哪里来 2009年01月20日


How Authentic Leaders Can Build a Great Company 2005年05月11日

Great companies can be built by truly authentic leaders. Here's how to use the principles of “authenticity” to create enduring growth for your company.

10 Best Practices for Successful Employee Surveys 2003年11月25日

Well-orchestrated surveys lead to high return rates, ensuring that the findings accurately reflect employees’concerns. Here’s how to effectively design and implement the process.

People Before Numbers 2002年08月01日

Time and again, open-book management has proven its power to transform organizations and enhance morale and productivity.

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