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麒麟990系列为何无缘Cortex-A77和Mali G77? 2019年09月09日

9月6日,华为正式发布了最新的麒麟990系列处理器,其中麒麟990 5G更是拿下了六个全球第一。但是,大家也注意到,麒麟990系列都并未采用最新的Arm Cortex-A77 CPU内核和Mail G77 GPU内核。原因...

ARM到底是一家什么样的公司? 2019年05月30日


How High Is High? 2002年07月01日

Salaries in Asia continue to climb. For many executives, the good news has not stopped...yet. But some have reason to be concerned.

How to Select the Right CEO 2003年12月22日

Hiring an executive search firm to recruit a CEO can be costly. Promoting from within can be uncertain. So how does a company increase its chances of selecting the right candidate...

华为麒麟990 5G发布:拿下六个全球第一,Mate 30将首发! 2019年09月07日

北京时间9月6日下午,华为在中国和德国IFA展会上同步发布了最新一代的处理器——集成5G基带的麒麟990 5G处理器。而这款芯片也与去年发布的麒麟980一样,拿到了6项全球第一。

Renovate Before You Innovate 2005年12月14日

Innovating - or doing the new thing - may not be the right thing. The alternative? Renovating - making the old new again.

The Industrialist’s Duty 2002年10月01日

development of the zero defects movement at NEC and in Japan, and how the company pioneered the integration of computers and communications (C,C) products

The Crisis Hits Home 2002年08月01日

Data in the Tables Provided by Corporate Resources Group TITLE:The Crisis Hits Home DES:Executive salaries around the region drop drastically for the first time in years. And the ...

Change Is in the Air 2003年01月01日

For years, Asia’s executives have seen their salaries continue to soar. For many, that period is ending.

Hottest of the Hot Careers 2002年09月01日

Seven executives and entrepreneurs reveal what it ta.kes to manage well in hot industries.

The Rise of Portable Executives 2002年08月01日

They are the new managerial elite. Armed with world-class skills, they are crossing industries and borders. And they are becoming the first recipients of “global salaries.”

Grasp the Financial Impact of CRM 2004年05月26日

To get the most out of a customer relationship management system, your financial systems need to adapt. That requires changing from product-based to customer-based financial repor...

讴歌Acura RL 2006年11月15日

Acura RL不是一辆传统意义上的豪华轿车,除了提供大量先进的装备之外,它更注重给予驾驶者操控的愉悦感和信心,强调的是路面、车和人之间的交流…

Thinking of Getting Rid of Your Followers? Think Again 2004年12月20日

When things are not going the way they should, don't just blame and fire people. Consider more compassionate approaches that create opportunities for learning, improvement, and tr...

Creating You Co. 2002年01月01日

You are the company. You are the product. The world is at your feet. But first, your business plan...

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