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The Industrialist’s Duty 2002年10月01日

development of the zero defects movement at NEC and in Japan, and how the company pioneered the integration of computers and communications (C,C) products

Hottest of the Hot Careers 2002年09月01日

Seven executives and entrepreneurs reveal what it ta.kes to manage well in hot industries.

Profiting from Brainpower 2002年12月01日

“Intellectual capital”is more than a hot, fuzzy concept. Leveraged skillfully, it can be any company’s preeminent competitive weapon.

A Blueprint for Challenging Global Giants 2003年07月09日

The transformation of Wipro Ltd. from a once-lowly enterprise into a formidable global player provides key lessons for Asian companies competing against global giants.

Seeing Gold Where Others See Risk 2005年10月14日

Companies need to be more proficient than their competitors in recognizing the nature of risks before actually investing in a business opportunity. To do this, they need to have a...

The Long-Distance Runner 2003年02月01日

In an industry populated by 'sprinters' AST has endured by being a 'marathoner.'

Give Customers the Control They Deserve 2003年08月04日

Technology has paved the way for customers to take control of many aspects of anything they buy. Allowing them to be in command of their buying decisions brings several benefits t...

Six Ways to Start Innovation 2003年08月04日

Some organizations retreat when they see what innovation actually requires: overhauling routine work and breaking from tradition. To make the idea of innovation more acceptable, h...

Seven Ways to Get More from ERP 2006年01月12日

There are at least seven management and technical imperatives that can ha ve a substantial impact on the value realized from enterprise resource planning (ERP) investments - not j...

How High Is High? 2002年07月01日

Salaries in Asia continue to climb. For many executives, the good news has not stopped...yet. But some have reason to be concerned.

The Sprinter 2002年07月01日

S3 Inc. has used a fast-growth strategy to stay at the cutting edge of its market.

When Sales are Soft, Shift Marketing into High Gear 2003年11月28日

Certain marketing strategies work best during an economic downturn, and these strategies do not just produce measurable results. More important, they also ensure a steady stream o...

Fix the Fatal Flaws of Your Sales Force 2004年03月17日

Many sales teams are unable to realize their potential because they are saddled with serious deficiencies. This eight-step process helps you to build the strong sales force you ne...

Five Great Ways to Lose Customer Loyalty - Even Before You Gain It 2005年10月13日

Editor's Introduction: Many companies are already familiar with the fact that acquiring a new customer costs up to seven times more than retaining existing ones. That's why progra...

Make Radical Thinking a Daily Part of Doing Business 2003年06月11日

Many organizations are beginning to realize that what got them to where they are today might not get them through the next few years. An all-the-time, everywhere capability like r...



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